About Us

 Being established in 2006, Song Anh Trading and Services Co Ltd.,which is one of the typical companies in Ho Chi Minh City is specializing in supplying the laboratory and medical equipment, my company is the official distributors of many well-known manufacturers all over the world such as: KETT ( Japan ), Precisa ( Swizerland), Hitachi High-Tech ( Japan). With many products for many different application, we have supplied many equipment for the customers who are working in the aspects, such as: research, education, processing,exploiting, manufacturing and health care…with the best quality are chosen from the well-known manufacturers all over the world, such as:



Analytical Industries Inc. (USA)

Oxygen Analyzer in health care and industry.

AP Buck (USA)

Air sampler, Flow Calibrator.

Barnant (USA)

Different kinds of flowmeter.

Esco (Singapore)

 Fume hood, Biological Safety Cabinet, Ultra pure water filter

Ets-Lindgren (USA)

Field monitoring unit.

G.F.L (Gemany)

Shaker, Dryer Cabinet, Water Distiller .v.v.

Hach (USA)

Equipment and chemical for checking and analizing water in laboratories and on site.

Hamilton (England)

Water Distiller.

Hettich (Gemany)


Hunter Lab (USA)

Colormeter using in plastic industries, printing, painting, foodstuff, dye….

Jasco (Japan)

UV-Vis spectrometer, FTIR spectrometer, HPLC, …

Jencons (England)


Kett (Japan)

Hand held moisture meter for rice and cereal. Moisture tester using in laboratory, rice grinder, rice polisher, whiteness meter for rice

Labomed (USA)

Single and bouble beam UV-Vis spectrometer

Mesa Labs (USA)

wireless data loggers for measuring and recording temperature, humidity and pressure for the food, pharmaceutical, healthcare and several other industries for checking sterillizing degree of autoclaves. Kit using to check sterillizing degree in healthcare of Raven Lab


Mettler Toledo (Swizerland)

Analytical Balance, Technical balance, checking weight, pH meter, Titrator, moisture balance...

Perkin Elmer (USA)

High level analytical equipment: Gas Chromatography, GCMS, Atom Analyzer Spectrometer, Near infrared Spectrophotometer, Fluorescence Spectrophotometer, .v.v.

Quest (USA)

Environmental safety Equipment: noise meter, vibration meter, shock temperature meter, gas detector,…

Sarstedt (Germany)

Air Sampler 

Schott (Germany)

Glasswares, plastic items, dispenser in laboratory

WTW (Germany)

Incubator, Water Analyser: pH meter, conductivity meter, BOD, COD, .v.v.